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We at OPTI are an engineering group with Subject Matter Experts regarding Physical Separation, Hydrometallurgy, and Pyrometallurgy of 20% of the elements in the periodic chart. These include H, Na, Mg, Ca, V, Cr, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, C, O, Al, Si, S, Cl, As, Se, Nb, Mo, Ta, W, & Re.

Onium Inc Logo

Our Mission.

OPTI's mission is the successful and sustainable delivery of "Competitive Advantage" to our clients. OPTI is a unique firm steeped in a deep understanding of practical science and technology. The firm's expertise encompasses separation technologies, chemical reaction thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, engineering design and project management.

Our Team.

The OPTI team combines technical and commercial expertise and can provide its clients with total service across the broad spectrum of material processing technologies. Each client assignment is organized with a dedicated Project Manager with core strengths in both technology and enterprise management.

Our Foundation.

The foundation of OPTI is rooted in state of the science technology and know how. This basis is supported by years of practical experience in engineering design, construction, facilities operations and commercial management.

OPTI Matrix of Capabilities

Process Technology

● Physical Separation
● Chemical Reaction Modeling
● Thermodynamic
● Chemical Process R&D
● Process Peer Reviews
● Process Modeling & Optimization
● Energy Audits
● By-Product Energy Recovery
● On-Line Process Monitoring Services

Wet Chemical

● Recovery & Purification
● Leaching
● Solvent Extraction
● Ion Exchange
● Precipitation Methods
● High Purify Chemicals

Physical Separation

● Crushing
● XRT, XRF & Optical Sorting
● Miling
● Dry & Wet Gravity & Magnetic Separations
● Flotation
● Slag Recycling

Pure Materials Products

● Reduction Hydrogen & Carbon
● Powders
● Mill Products (ingot, plate, sheet, foil, rod)
● Sputtering Targets
● Wire Drawing
● Alloys
● Scrap Recycling Processes

Thermal Processing

● Drying
● Calcining
● Oxidation & Sublimation
● Product Cooling
● Sizing, Screening & Automatic Sampling
● Spent Catalyst Recovery
● Thermite & Electrical Furnace

Gas Cleaning & Dust Control

● High Value Dust Recovery Systems
● Dry & Wet Gas Cleaning
● COx, SOx, & NOx Abatement
● Wet Scrubber Systems
● Acid Plants

Coating Technologies

● Plasma Spray Materials
● Process Technologies
● Product Development Service
● Product Qualification & Approvals

Engineering & Commercial Consultancy

● Market Research
● Capital and Operating Cost Assessment
● Process Flowsheet Review and Optimization
● Process Simulation
● Energy Consumption Projection
● Project Evaluation & Payback
● Project Risk Analysis
● Process Design Package
● Engineering
● Procurement
● Construction Management
● Facility Training & Start-Up
● Full EPCM Capability

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